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Lightness, comfort and ease of use are the main features of this new MTB model.

Frame material: HM Carbon
Frame Construction: Mix of Monobloc and Tube to Tube
Seatpost: E-Post
Bottom Bracket: BSA - Width 68mm
Headset: Half integrated
Dropouts: replaceable
Water Bottles mounts: 2
Weight: 1200g with uncut seatpost
Accessories: Supplied with 3 sets of elastomer blocks (grey - soft, red - medium, black - firm)

HM Carbon Fibre
The use of high modulus carbon fibre is the reason why we are able to build light weight frames while maintaining optimal lateral stiffness. This creates excellent frame efficiency and preserves the comfort of the ride. The use of carbon in the construction of MTBs revives designs based on rigid or semi rigid frames, as they provide very significant weight reduction.
Monobloc / T2T Frame Construction
The front triangle is monobloc construction for greater strength and lightness. A frame reinforcing gusset is integrated into the down tube under the head tube. This gusset also allows for better compatibility with new suspension fork designs. The frame rear
triangle is connected to the front main triangle using T2T Technology (Tube To Tube) This technology allows a very simple yet effective connection
Reversed 5 E-Post
The seat tube and E-Post seatpost is an integrated system. This design gives the bicycle both greater performance and aesthetic appeal. Three elastomer blocks are used to absorb small impacts and vibrations, as well as fully isolate the seat post from the frame. The elastomer materials allow a slight inflection of the seatpost backwards, which improves cyclist comfort. This reversible E-Post seatpost allows for /-5mm positioning from the seat tube centre line. The new 360 degree saddle rail clamp
system allows for micro adjustability when the E-Post is in either position.
DSCS Concept Stays
Dual Comfort and Stiffness Concept. The upper and lower sections of the stays are flattened, which provide two benefits: improved flexibility in the vertical plane for greater comfort (vertical compliance) and increased stiffness in the lateral lane for better pedaling transmission
Race Tuned Geometry
The 986's geometry design was based on the most up to date 80mm to 90mm suspension fork designs. The 71.2? head tube angle offers a perfect steering response/stability compromise. The seat tube angle is 72.2?, as the frame was designed specifically for the E-POST Reverse 5

WAS RRP $3,999