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2009 LOOK 566 RED SML AU$ 999.00

The curvy-tubed frame is eye-catching from top to bottom. The full carbon frame & fork are made from LOOK’s proprietary recipe of mixed modulous carbon, resins, and layup schedule. The front triangle is molded as one piece, to which the stays are joined ‘tube to tube’ style - where one tube is bonded onto another and in some cases wrapped with carbon for reinforcement. The frame design includes a shorter length top tube and longer length headtube (compared to LOOK’s 586 & 595 race bikes), to offer more options for riders who prefer to ride slightly more upright position – otherwise known as ‘comfortable’.

The wheelbase is slightly longer than we might expect on a frame this size. It measures 98.5cm versus 97.3cm for the small sized Look 595.

Headtube angle is 71.5 on the small, making it a tiny bit more relaxed than bikes running 72-73 degrees. The 74.5 seat angle is slightly more upright than some other bikes, and aids in reducing the saddle to handlebar reach for many riders.

The frame is in the 1100gram arena for the medium (LOOK’s stat), which isn’t super close to today’s super lights, but then you’re not paying a few grand more to save a couple hundred grams, and this ‘extra’ mass likely helps with the 566’s ride quality.